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black rhino enterprises


she’s gone today tall nose lady

she of the four far feet

she’s gone today square skull lady

she of the crochet teeth


she was a browser

she was a sleeper

she was a wallower

in the leaves


but her eyes let her down

no they could not sweep the dark

she relied on the birds to scatter

any sign of danger


she’s gone today long pipe lady

she of the (six deep feet)

she’s gone today thick skin lady

she’s of the western speed


and she’s never been captive

so we can’t draw her from chains

and she’s never been captured

from the cage we cannot save


well they ground up her bones to make a lover

ceremony of the knife

well they ground up her horns to make another

desperate form of killing time


and I’ve never been captive

so I cannot speak for chains

and I’ve never been captured

from the grave

I cannot say

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