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“Veering from the personal to the profound, Shades is a darkly poetic confrontation of modern turmoil…
Such is the virtuosity and accomplishment of her playing...
It’s hard to believe it is the work of just one person.”
– The Line of Best Fit: Album Review 9/10
"Vera Sola's music is as timeless, contrasting, evanescent and elegant as the artist's visual world...
Shades is well above the hunt for the next playlist: it tells the story, always wonderful, of an artist
who reveals herself to the world with
an absolute masterpiece."
-Magic, Revue Pop Moderne: Album Review 6/6
“[What] Quentin Tarantino soundtracks are made for: coolly retro and rooted in spaghetti-western desert soul…for fans of: Nancy Sinatra, Nicole Atkins and civil disobedience.”
– Rolling Stone: The Colony, Songs of the Week
“A masterful story-teller that exudes an effortless mystique. She sweetly coos…in the deranged way that Nick Cave would take on in the role of Stagger Lee…It is performative, theatrical and spellbinding.”
– The Line of Best Fit: Small Minds, Song of the Day
“Vera Sola twists the singer-songwriter rulebook in fascinating directions.”
-DIY Mag, The Colony, Neu Pick
“This is undeniably music that needed to be made.”
— For the Rabbits
“An utterly singular talent.”
—The Sunday Times UK, Album Review, Essential New Releases
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