the cage


how should I wear my teeth?

and I color my cheeks?

where should I promise these?

oh the organs of my rib cage


gotta give it all up to you, man 

gotta give it all up to you, man

gotta give it all up to you, man

oh this is all for you, man


see I came out of your body

I was attached to your spine

I was a piece of your rib cage 

I made the apple for your 

wandering eye 


so this is all for you 


I am a fraction of

I am subtracted from

I am you, your 

your derivation 


I am the absence of

I am the great big hole

I am the sin dark dove

I am the dust-wrought 

second one


so it’s all for you

oh I’m all for you


he said:


“welcome to the garden

oh, this is where you’ll pass your time

you are here a variation

you are here a derivation

so you make the most out of being

second in line


you are derivative, you are

derivative, you are



you are derivative”

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